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The SIRA™ RFA Electrosurgical Device:

The SIRA™ RFA Electrosurgical Device is a next-generation radiofrequency ablation (RFA) applicator designed specifically for intraoperative coagulation and ablation of soft tissue.

A single use, disposable applicator, the SIRA™ device is used in conjunction with a radiofrequency electrosurgical generator to effectively ablate target tissue.

The SIRA™ device features:

patient care
  • A unique, elegantly-designed 4cm diameter spherical electrode to create a wide ablation zone, covering a larger surface area per ablation compared to currently available devices
  • Safely enables complete and accurate ablation of clinical target
  • Integrated saline irrigation, which creates maximum contact with target tissue by conducting electrical energy from the electrodes to the tissue, lubricates the electrodes to prevent the tissue from sticking, and cools the tissue temperature
  • Bipolar energy, controlled by an integrated switch and timer, allowing for controlled delivery of RF energy to the ablation site
  • Large applicator that eliminates the need for painting a tissue surface, confidently enabling reproducible ablation depths
  • Physician-controlled settings for customization of ideal ablation performance

Innoblative Designs, Inc:

Our mission is to develop next-generation, advanced energy surgical solutions that improve the way surgeons coagulate and ablate soft tissue to achieve better care for patients.